Hand n Craft, Manufacturer of Hand Made wooden Pace Sticks
Hand `N Craft based in Sialkot are the Manufacturers of Finest Quality Military Sticks, such as Pace Sticks, Racing Pace Stick, Spring Lock Pace Stick, Infantry Pattern, Souvenir Pace Stick with Stand and Pace Stick Desk Stands.


All our sticks are manufactured in a well equipped workshop where we take great care towards quality and best craftsmanship. All the raw materials used are of international standards and are processed in a proper way to get quality finished products. All the finished goods go through a strict Quality Check System which assures our customers for a guaranteed quality product.



We are supplying our sticks to UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa, UAE, China and Singapore. We have the potential and capacity to manufacture Tender orders in time and at competitive rates. Customer with single item order will be also accommodated with great enthusiasm. We believe in continuous struggle for achieving highest possible standards. We also firmly believe in the truth that there is always a room for improvement. We never hesitate to accept our valued customers suggestions in the improvement of quality of the products.